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This 24 Day Elf Kit Will Take The Stress Out Of Elf On A Shelf This Christmas

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Y’all… I feel for you, I am soooo super glad that ‘Elf on a Shelf’ was not a thing when my kids were little.

I mean, it started while they were still young, but by that time we already had our own traditions and I chose not to add this one.

However, these days every kid pretty much knows about the little Elf that comes down from the North Pole to check in on you and inform Santa of things going on.

So as a parent how do you get around not doing it?

It looks to me as if a good majority of you chose to add this to your holiday tradition, but coming up with all of those ideas must be hard.

But, I found this super cool 24 Day Elf Kit!

Sleepymommyshop – Etsy

The kit doesn’t include an elf, but it does include all supplies, instructions, and goodies for 24 days of elf fun!

This is the best money I’ve spent. I’m actually excited to introduce the ELF this year!!! Everything is neat and organized with everything you need. Each day even comes with a picture to give you an idea along with the directions. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thank you for making this so easy, especially for our first year 🎅🏻🎄❤️

Chloe116 – Etsy customer review
Karen Domerski – Etsy customer

The kit contains a couple of “fan favorite” repeat items from the 2020 kit they had sold, but is otherwise full of brand new antics for your elf!

Sleepymommyshop – Etsy

Everything you need (as well as all of the themes) is already prepared for you so less stress on you!

We love this so much!!! I pre-ordered months ago and when it arrived I was beyond impressed! We’re only on day 4, but it’s such a load off to not have to come up with ideas everyday!!! Our daughter has loved it, can’t wait for the rest of the month!!

kaylamac223 – Etsy customer review
kaylamac223 – Etsy customer review

These are available for pre-order right now and will ship to you in October-November 2021.

You can purchase your 2021 24 Day Elf Kit from the SleepyMommyShop of Etsy!

Sleepymommyshop – Etsy

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