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This Possum Grocery Bag Holder Is So Weird, That I Have To Have It

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Do you save plastic grocery bags?

I always have because my mom always did, and we use them so much!

But keeping them contained can be a chore if you don’t have storage figured out, I’ve always used a bag holder.

BUT my bag holder isn’t a freaking possum and now I have to have the dang possum to hold my plastic grocery bags immediately!


It’s fun, and yea… a little weird… but weird is fun and normal is boring.

This friendly possum can hold about 30 standard-size grocery bags and let’s be honest… do we really need to have more than that on hand?


She can hang on a hook by folding her tail over and securing to the attached button, or you can use a tack/nail on the loop at the end of her tail and secure her to a wall.


If you know someone that loves possums, this would make an amazing and unique gift for them!

You can also use it to hold toys, dish rags, pet treats, and you can even use it as a fun Christmas stocking for the biggest possum lover.

The opossum measures approximately 8 inches wide and 30 inches from nose to tail tip when flat.

The seller even has a roadkill version if you want to make it even weirder!


You can get the live possum version or the roadkill possum version from TheSaltyStitchery on Etsy!


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