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‘New Kids On The Block’ is Releasing a New Album and We’ve Heard It’s Got The Right Stuff

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I was in high school when the ‘New Kids On The Block’ became nearly every teenage girl’s obsession.

I’m being honest when I say I was not one of those girls, but I remember the frenzy. They had everything ‘New Kids On The Block’, I remember one girl I knew even had a watch with them on it.

Image Credit: NKOTB

It was a craze that was worldwide and those same fans grew up and continued to be fans. You can not say they were not dedicated!

Image Credit: NKOTB

Well, all of those ladies are in an absolute frenzy because it was just announced that the ‘New Kids On The Block’ is releasing their first new album in 11 years.

Image Credit: NKOTB

The first single was just released on March 5th, have you heard it yet?

It’s the most mature album we’ve ever made. Yet it’s the most fun and most comfortable album we’ve ever made. This album, more than any other, is bringing the New Kids and the fans full circle. It’s about hope and possibilities and being ourselves.

Donnie Wahlberg in a statement to Rolling Stone
Image Credit: NKOTB

Also featured on the new album is DJ Jazzy Jeff, another blast from the past.

The last release was in 2013 and it was called ’10’. The new album is called ‘Still Kids’ and will be out on May 17th, 2024.

Image Credit: NKOTB

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