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Did Lizzo Just Announce She’s Pregnant?

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Lizzo is no stranger to rumors. In fact, they pretty much spread like wildfire.

I mean, this Queen knows how to handle them too. She just addresses them directly to her fans on whether they are fact or cap.

But her most recent video about the current rumors circulating has me scratching my head (and according to the comments, I don’t seem to be the only one).

In the TikTok video Lizzo is seen answering the current rumors circulating about her and it starts on like this…

“I’m Pregnant”

And the song Rumors featuring Cardi B is playing. She mouths right at the moment the song says, “it’s true yeah”.

Um, what?!


I cannot tell. She almost looks like she is saying it sarcastically but like, she answered the other rumors honestly (at least I think so).

So, what is happening?!

People are legit in the comments trying to figure out if it’s a joke or not.

Others are trying to figure out the baby daddy like Chris Evans (remember that who thing with Lizzo and Chris Evans a few weeks back?).

So, we don’t know if Lizzo actually made a pregnancy announcement or not but we are anxiously awaiting the answer.

Lizzo can you just let us know if a little baby Lizzo is on the way or not?! Ahhhhh!

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