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Steel Magnolias Is Coming To Theaters For It’s 30th Anniversary! I’ve Never Been Happier.

I am so ready to be transported back to Truvy’s, and now we get to see Steel Magnolias on the BIG SCREEN!

It’s the Steel Magnolia’s 30th Anniversary. (Did you know the name is actually because women are delicate like a magnolia, but also tough as steel?)

Whoa, did I just say 30th anniversary? Am I that old?

I feel like it was just yesterday I was watching this with my mom on VHS. Or betamax. It might have been the betamax…

And the whole beauty shop gang, Shelby, Clairee, Anelle, Ouiser, M’Lynn and Truvy herself want to celebrate WITH US in Theaters on May 19, 21, and 22.

Oh my. this is going to be the girl’s night out of the year.

I am already planning it. I am thinking like we all get together for a big potluck dinner first, because that’s a totally steel magnolia’s thing to do.

Or we could maybe even go get our hair done. Real big and poofy-like.

I don’t know about you, but for me there was just something about that southern hospitality and sweetness mixed with the sass and spunk that makes Steel Magnolia’s one of my favorite movies of all time.

I think one of my favorite things about it is that it’s actually based on a true story.

The writer actually wrote it as a tribute to his sister that had recently passed, and it only took him ten days to do so.

What a cool tribute. It’s kind of neat to think she lives on in a film this iconic.

I can’t wait to hear those Truvy-ism’s on the big screen.

Yes! I can’t believe it’s the 30th anniversary! And that is just of the film.

The film is actually a retelling of the play.

Don’t forget, she likes to hire someone with a past. 🙂

clarinda beareagle-hill

Monday 6th of May 2019

beautiful - all ladies

Heidi Boortz

Tuesday 30th of April 2019



Wednesday 1st of May 2019

That's actually a matter of opinion :)


Saturday 9th of February 2019

How do I know what theater it will be in?

Jill Wakefield

Thursday 14th of February 2019

Which theaters will this be playing in?

Michelle Drury

Thursday 7th of February 2019

Can't wait would like to find the movie on DVD again

melissa morrison

Thursday 7th of February 2019

are yall coming to bossier at the CenturyTel and where do we get the tickets for the show


Friday 8th of February 2019

Just click on the dates in the article, May 19, 21 and 22. It’s a hyperlink and takes you to ticket sales