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Here’s 8 Airline Freebies That Are Available In Economy If You Ask

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Let’s face it, flying Economy is not often a fabulous experience.

Cramped seats, limited snacks and beverages, and tons of people you have to crawl over to get to the bathroom.

And, it’s not cheap. You have to pay for damn near everything from choosing your seat to checking a bag.

It’s hard to believe that you could actually get FREEBIES in Economy, but according to some flight attendants, you just have to know what to ask for.

8 Airline Freebies You Can Get In Economy Class

Blankets and Pillows. Some airplanes can get a bit chilly, and it’s miserable to be cold an entire flight. You can ask your flight attendant for a blanket, and in many cases they will give you a free one!

If you happen to be on a red-eye flight, you can also ask for a pillow to help you get cozy and comfortable.

Headphones. Sure, we all have our earbuds tucked carefully in our purses or pockets. But, what happens if you are on a wired flight, and you don’t have headphones you can plug in?

Simply ask your flight attendant for a pair of headphones. If you are on a flight that has wired music or movies, they will have headphones.

While these headphones are free in some cases, don’t be surprised if they charge you a couple bucks.

Basic Amenity Kits. These are pretty cool, and on most long flights, your airline will give them to you free of charge. You just have to ask.

Basic amenity kits usually include things like toothbrush kits, earplugs, and eye shades to help you freshen up and get comfy.

Free Bottled Water. Sure, you can get an airline cup of ice and water. But, I’m a water snob. I need it in bulk and from a bottle.

In many cases, you can ask for a bottle of water, and they will gladly oblige.

First-Aid Supplies. All commercial airlines are stocked with first-aid supplies — from bandaids to alcohol pads.

If you are mid-flight, and you find yourself in need of first-aid supplies, just ask your flight attendant.

Kids’ Activity Books. Flying with kids can be tough. You have to pack all kinds of activities and snacks to keep them busy.

But, what happens when you’ve blown through your supply of kid-friendly activities? Just ask your flight attendant if they have kids’ activity books. If they do, they can give you one free of charge!

Over-the-Counter Medication. If you are on a flight, get a headache, and realize you forgot your ibuprofen, just ask your flight attendant. In many cases they have access to things like pain medication and anti-diarrheal medication.

Extra Snacks or Drinks. Sure, in most cases, flight attendants make a pass through the cabin with drinks and teeny-weeny bags of snacks.

But, did you know you can actually ask for more? It all depends on the flight and if the flight attendant is busy helping other people. But, many times they can supply you with additional eats and drinks.

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