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Bob Saget’s Cause of Death Was Just Announced. Here’s What We Know.

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An entire month has gone by since the death of the beloved Full House father (Danny Tanner), aka Bob Saget.
Can you believe it? 

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Shortly after the world was grieving over Betty White’s recent passing, Bob Saget sadly passed on soon after the Golden Girl star.

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And what the world originally thought was a heart attack, the cause of death was not at all what was first reported. 

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While there were a few disbelievers of the heart attack since his death was so sudden, others have speculated that Bob Saget may have overdosed or passed away from the COVID booster; those rumors are also false. 

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In fact, the toxicology report came back clear. 

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According to TMZ, he was found dead by security in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida and now, his real cause of death was released by the Saget according to CNN.

His family explained that the famous actor passed away sadly, after hitting his head.

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Currently authorities are unsure what he hit his head on, but they assume it may have been the headboard on the bed considering the bruise on the back of his head. 

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Investigators also believe that Bob Saget went to bed that night without realizing how serious the bang was to the back of his head since it was also confirmed that he did die in his sleep from a brain bleed. 

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Rest in peace, Bob Saget. 

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