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Brad Pitt Went To Jennifer Aniston’s Holiday Party and Stayed Until The Very End

I try not to get too invested in celebrity relationships, but I have loved Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston since he showed up on Friends.

So, when I heard that Brad Pitt was invited to Jennifer Aniston’s close friends only Christmas party, well, now.

The thing is, even after all these years and all the different relationships, they are both single, and everybody knows that they were the cutest.

Here’s what we know. He showed up to her party around 7 on Saturday night which made him one of the first to show up, and then he left around 11– which made him almost the last to leave.

The party was also said to be extremely intimate and only her very closest friends were on the invite list. “It was very festive. It was a pretty low-key, casual affair. Just a gathering of close friends to celebrate the holidays.”

They were married for five years back in the early 2000’s and have both since remarried, but both marriages ended in divorce.

They’ve been friends since, and have always supported each other, so we are VERY excited about their Christmas party reuniting.

I can’t stop thinking about it. Maybe they will reunite at the Golden Globes. They’re both nominated. Eeep!