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Stop What You’re Doing and Go Read The Texts Mason Disick Sent Kim Kardashian About North West Going Live on TikTok

The Kardashians have never been far from the public eye, and now their kids are navigating through it as well…

Kim’s daughter, North West, has her own TikTok now, and went on live the other day without permission, giving 2.3 million people a tour of her home.

And 12 year old Mason Disick decided to speak up about it, because the safety of the situation can definitely be concerning.

Mason texted Kim because he was concerned for North’s safety. He also remembered some of the same mistakes he made in the past, wanting to protect her from doing the same.

I think that’s so incredibly mature for a 12 year old, and having all of them grow up within the spotlight by association, its so great that they’re looking out for each other!