The Tribute To Cameron Boyce at the End Of Descendants 3 Is A Tear Jerker

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Those of us with young teens have spent the last decade or so watching Cameron Boyce on the Disney channel.

When Cameron Boyce passed, not only were our kiddos devastated, but we were, too.

His smile was one of those smiles that could light up your whole living room. And his laugh was contagious.


(Don’t have cable? Here’s how you can watch Descendants 3 right now.)

Descendants 3 was set to have a big huge premiere but they cancelled that out of respect for Cameron’s family and used the money they would have spent on it on a donation in Cameron’s name instead.


Descendants 3 will be his swan song, and was dedicated to him. At the beginning of the movie, they dedicate the movie to him, and I will admit it’s hard to watch his smile knowing that he isn’t with us anymore.

My daughter and I shed some tears and then we watched him bounce and dance on the screen as Cruella De’Vil’s son. It’s always been my favorite role of his.

But at the end, Disney got us one last time with a final tribute that was honestly perfect.


But that was just a sneak peak. You can watch the full tribute below.

Thanks Cameron for being a part of my daughter’s childhood. She will always remember you.

And so will I.

Photo credit: Disney Channel @disneydescendants Instagram

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