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Season 3 of ‘You’ Is Back In Production And I’m So Excited

Season 3 of YOU has gone back into production, and it’s totally about time!! That means the show is coming back soon — which is good, because I am OBSESSED!!

Courtesy of Netflix

I was so insanely happy when Netflix announced, back in October, that Scott Speedman was joining the cast of You, along with 2 other new cast members!

I might be showing my age here, but the ENTIRE reason I watched the show Felicity was because of Scott. He is one fine specimen of a man!!

BUT, you know what’s even better than the new cast announcement? Netflix just announced that YOU Season 3 has FINALLY gone back into production! Gah!!

Production was halted for a bit on Season 3 of YOU — I’ll give you one guess why. But, it is back, baby!!

Netflix announced the start of production with an adorable Penn Badgley face mask Tweet.

“We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times,” the Tweet reads. “YOU Season 3 is back in production.”

I am so stinkin’ excited! We have been waiting SO long for the sequel to Season 2, and it’s about dang time.

I have so many questions after the finale of Season 2! I have been over here not-so-patiently waiting for any news that Season 3 is actually headed our way — and it looks like we are FINALLY going to get it.

Is it crazy that I totally LOVE Joe Goldberg. Yes, he’s weird, quiet, and — you know — kills people, but he’s a romantic in his own way.

But, there are just certain things from the end of Season 2 that I HAVE to know! — Spoiler alert ahead — Like, what about that baby?? Is it Joe’s? Is it not? Is it even real?

Seriously, if you haven’t taken a dive off the deep end into the world of YOU, you have time before Season 3 gets here. GO WATCH IT.

It is on Netflix, and you can totally binge watch it in a couple days. Don’t watch with your kiddos in the room, though. Ha! It isn’t probably appropriate for the littles.

Courtesy of Netflix

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