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Season 3 Of ‘You’ Just Added 2 New Characters and I’m So Excited

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As the release date for season 3 of ‘You’ was just recently spilled, Netflix has just announced that they have added 2 more characters in the drama series show.

Fans of ‘You’ have been waiting for the 3rd season of the Netflix show since last winter and it’s safe to say, that all of these announcements are just making us more antsy in our seats while we wait.


Get out with already Netflix, but I guess for now, we’ll take anything we can get.


The two new characters who will be acting in the 3 part series include Shalita Grant, who will be playing Sherry, a ‘Mom-fluencer’ who seems nice on the outside but really has it in for Love and Travis Van Winkle.

Travis Van Winkle or should I say, “the wealthy Cary”, plays the part of inviting Joe into his inner circle and I can only imagine what happens next because any friend of Joe ends up either missing or murdered.

Season 3 of ‘You’ is getting better by the minute but my hope, is that Joe and Love stay together, is that too much to ask Netflix?! Of course it is.


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