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You Can Make This Retro Style Christmas Tree And I Need It In My Life Now!

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I seriously love retro Christmas looks! Most of my own Christmas decorations are those that belonged to my parents and even my grandparents.


I’m totally going to make a retro-style tulle Christmas Tree this year to use as a centerpiece for our table! These instructions are to make the ones that were super popular in the 1960s!


Thank you for putting this pattern in your shop my Mom made and sold these back in the day. She is now 95 still does craft shows (she is Amazing) and is so excited about having this pattern again guess I have to go buy tulle.

Carol Schweigert – Etsy Reviewer

It only takes a few hours to make one with minimal skills and materials. This was actually taught to some students in “Home-Ec” classes back in the day.


I absolutely love the pastel color choices, you could really make these in any color theme you choose. You could totally make them for other holidays as well, oh next Halloween perhaps?


I am thrilled to have this easy to follow instructions to make a retro tulle Christmas tree just like my Mom made in the 1960s!!

Bessie Shelton

With your purchase, you get the full step by step instructions with helpful hints all in a convenient PDF. The creator of the pattern says that she is available to answer any questions to help buyers along the way.


These fluffy tabletop trees will be the perfect addition to any retro or vintage theme! You can purchase the PDF instructions to make the retro-style tulle Christmas Tree from MarshmallowCreations on Etsy!


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  1. Where can I please get the information on how to make theses stunning tulle trees !@