Disney World Has A Dining Plan. Here’s How to Get It

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I will NEVER AGAIN go to Disney World without getting the COUNTER SERVICE MEAL PLAN, and you shouldn’t either! Here’s why.

1. You pay for the entire plan before you go, so there is nothing to worry about once you get there. When you are planning your trip, just include it in your vacation package. We were able to make payments on the vacation over the 7 months before we went, so it was a pretty easy. We didn’t have to spend ANYMORE money on food while we were there!


2. You get SO much food, it’s actually a little ridiculous — in the BEST way! Adults get TWO counter meals per day — which includes your meal and a drink or dessert. BONUS — that drink can be a Milkshake or an ADULT beverage! Kids (3-9 years old) order a meal off the kids meal, and get 3 children’s sides included. That is a child’s drink, and choices like a Danimals, Apple Sauce, French Fries, Grapes, and so much more.


3. You get TWO SNACKS included per day! When I say snack, you can get anything from a soda, to a Dole Whip, a popcorn, an Adult Beverage — HELLO MARGARITAS IN EPCOT — a drink from Starbucks, a donut the size of a dang frisbee, and SO MUCH MORE. If you play it right, this snack can actually double as a meal. These snacks also add up SO fast. You will have more than you even understand. We still had 8 left on our last day, and I thought we were BLOWING through the snacks!

4. You just scan and go. All you have to do is scan your Magic Band to pay for the item. The Cast Member will let you know how many meals and snacks you have left — OR — you can go to the My Disney Experience app on your smartphone to check your balance at any time!

Credit: Disney World

5. A refillable mug is INCLUDED! You can get FREE REFILLS of soda, coffee, tea, or hot chocolate at any Disney Resort for the length of your stay. Then, you have an awesome souvenir to bring home with you!


6. There are SO many counter service restaurants, giving you SO many choices! The counter service meals can be used at your resort, in the parks, and at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney). Basically, you can go to ANY Disney counter service location to get a meal. There are more than like 15 choices of restaurants in any given Disney park, so you have so many choices!!


7. Adults can get ADULT BEVERAGES!! Now, I know I already mentioned this, but MOST ADULTS BEVERAGES are included as a snack! Hear me out — if you save up your snacks, you can legitimately drink your way around EPCOT! This can actually SAVE you so much money!


8. The desserts are AMAZING! I really don’t have to say much about this. Disney is KNOWN for their amazing desserts. Eat up!


9. You NEVER have to leave Disney Property. Wherever you are on Disney Property, there WILL be a counter service location. There was NO fighting with the kids, because they didn’t have to eat where we did. There was always another restaurant within very close walking distance. It was SO nice!


Now, we have done the Disney Dining Plan with the sit-down restaurants. That is just WAY TOO much food! If there is a specific restaurant you want to splurge on, just pay out of pocket for that ONE meal. You will save SO much money.

The Counter Service Meal Plan is so completely worth it! Plan it for your next visit to Disney World. I promise, you will NOT regret it!

Now that you are set with the meal plan, make sure you Pack All The Smart Things You Will Need On Your Disney Trip. HAVE FUN!!

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