Dr Pepper Candy Canes Are Here To Make The Holidays Extra Sweet

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It simply can’t be the Holiday Season without candy canes! We eat them, decorate with them, put them in our hot chocolates or coffees, make desserts with them, and even give them as gifts. And now, there is Dr Pepper Candy Canes and you need to stock up!

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Forget traditional candy canes. Now, you can get them in my FAVORITE soda flavor — DR PEPPER!! How yummy does that sound?!?

The Frankford Candy Company has a box of TWELVE soda-flavored candy canes! They come in three flavors, and they are all so super tasty. You KNOW my favorite of the three flavors is the Dr Pepper.


You can try to find these in your local grocery store, or you can just skip the searching, and get them directly from Amazon!

They will run you about nine bucks a box, but they are totally worth it! You simply can’t find a yummier candy cane!

The pack also comes with four Orange Crush flavored candy canes, because YUM!

You will also get four A&W Root beer flavored candy canes for that root beer lover in your life!

I totally tie these into the bow on top of my presents. It is not only pretty, but it’s a special treat for my friends and family!

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You can also get a box that has 7-Up flavor in place of the Orange Crush. My daughter would LOVE these!

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Check out, and pick up your own Soda Flavored Candy Canes HERE.

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