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This Star Wars Commercial Will Have You Reaching For Your Box of Tissues

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This ad has me ALL in my feels.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that it centers around super-cute kids. Maybe it is the fact that it’s for Star Wars — which I LOVE. It could be that it has the — *sniff* — best ending ever. Perhaps it’s ALL of these things rolled into one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen.

Whatever the reason for all the feels, one thing is sure — You better have your tissue ready when watching!

This Star Wars-themed ad from Filipino phone company Globe Telecom will make even the grinchiest Grinch’s heart grow three sizes.

The story line of this commercial centers around two young boys, who are going around town gathering random pieces of cardboard, tires, phones, tape, etc. We have NO idea what the boys want to build. Maybe a spaceship?

They work hard duct taping, gluing, decorating, and trying to get everything JUST perfect. We finally see the fruit of their efforts.

But wait, there’s a twist. Along comes another little friend to join in the play.

We watch as the young boys give this little girl a sort-of 4D watching experience for part of the Star Wars movie franchise. It actually looks pretty fun!

The experience comes complete with fans, movement, sprays of water, and glitter. It is truly an awesome immersive experience on a young person’s level.

Hold the phone — there’s more. Don’t read on, if you don’t want spoilers. Just skip straight to the commercial below.

It turns out the little girl is deaf! The friends were giving her the best movie watching experience possible, since she can’t hear what’s going on in the film.

I’m not crying, you are! Now, where are my tissues?!?

You can BET, I’ll be watching the film after this sweet commercial! I mean, I probably would have watched it ANYWAY — but this commercial, though! I can’t even with all the feels!

Grab a box of tissues, and watch the full commercial below.

Want even more Star Wars? See the trailer for Star Wars, Rise Of Skywalker HERE. Just a word of advice — you may want to keep that box of tissue close for this one, too.

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