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This Family’s Halloween Decorations Are So Realistic Looking, People Are Calling 911

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This combustion of Halloween decorations may have just topped all of the Halloween house decor currently on my neighborhood block because this family, has made their house look like it’s actually on fire.

Courtesy of ABC7

A family in California has noted that individuals who have walked by their house have called 911 on more than one occasion thinking their house has gone up in flames.

During an interview with ABC7, the home owners Carmen and Travis Long have explained that their decorations are just a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme they’ve created for spooky season three years in the making.

It’s most certainly the star of the show on the neighborhood block and as many as 400 people arrive each night to view the house.

Supposedly, the cannon fire is simulated and the house itself acts as the ship with pirate skeletons surrounding the home and what looks like fog smoke appearing in the background.

Courtesy of ABC7

Even the fireman who were called to the scene thought the blaze was real before getting out of their trucks!

Courtesy of ABC7

To see the house for yourself, you can see the creativity every Friday night through Sunday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the corner of Chapman Place and Magnolia Avenue, California.

Courtesy of ABC7

Oh, and kudos to Mr. and Mrs. Carmen and Travis Long for creating such a spectacular and spooky show!

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