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Target Is Selling A Kit That Lets You Turn A Pumpkin Into A Giant Spider

Spiders are one of the spookiest creatures to display at Halloween.

Target has a kit that lets you take your pumpkin decorating to the next level, with very little work, to create the Spider Pumpkin!


The Spider Pumpkin Appendages kit has everything you need to make your pumpkin the most spectacular in the neighborhood!

No knives needed, and no digging out nasty messy pumpkin guts to create this creepy giant spider!

The 12-inch long hairy spider legs bend easily into any kind of creepy position you choose!

Once you have the legs on, just insert the eyes and palps into your pumpkin to complete the spider transformation!

The spider legs and palps are made of bendable metal covered in realistically detailed foam, and the large eyes are plastic.

This kit works on a real pumpkin, but can also be used on a styrofoam artificial pumpkin, or even a different gourd for a different spider shape!


When you’re done with the season, you will just need to wash the appendage set with warm water, dry it, and pack it away until next Halloween!

The spider pumpkin kit includes appendages to decorate one pumpkin: two sets of legs (12″L), two palps (5″L), and two eyes (2″W).

You can buy your own spider pumpkin appendage kit from Target!


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