The New Doctor is a Woman and I Might Lose It!

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Guys and girls, this is NOT a drill. Doctor Who has announced the new Doctor and it’s a woman!

That’s right y’all it’s actually a woman. The thirteenth doctor is a woman and people are freaking out. Some people are excited, but even their very first comment on the BBC announcement is a man (surprise) completely upset that they could do this.

I have something to say to those people! Um, why not? The doctor regenerates as an entirely different person why wouldn’t it ever be a woman? This is amazing, awesome, and completely cool! I, for one am super excited that our new doctor is a woman, and I can’t wait to see it!

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  1. Ten was definitely the best (& Tom Baker of course- showing the age here lol)- Hope they go back to good story-telling though, have been missing that for a long while. A female Doctor will be interesting to see- but don’t they have Time Ladies (Romana) anyway?

  2. I feel almost none of what everyone is freaking out about. I love the show, but each new Doctor is a gamble, and I only hope there’s a good performance and good plot.

    Of the new seasons, bowtie-loving 11 had the best plot so far with the first Amy seasons, but 10 was the best performance. Husband and I lost interest when they kept Clara for 12 and thus haven’t seen the newest stuff.

    Lady Doctor is novel only because she’s a lady, but she’ll need to find her niche as a Doctor same as all the other actors. Though there is pressure from critics on the actress and show, I only expect her to try and meet the onus of filling the same shoes others have tried to fill.