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Apparently, Prince Harry And Meghan May Be Moving Into Buckingham Palace And I Have Questions

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It’s no secret that Prince Harry and King Charles don’t have the best of relationships right now.

Prince Harry kinda burned that relationship when he sat down for his tell-all with Oprah, and then he followed it up with his new book — a personal memoir.

If I were King Charles, I’d probably be a bit miffed, too.

But why, then, is King Charles reportedly letting Prince Harry and Meghan have an apartment in Buckingham palace as a home base while in London?

Well, we know that King Charles just gave Frogmore Castle to his brother, Andrew.

ICYMI, Frogmore was actually a present to Harry and Meghan from Queen Elizabeth for their wedding.

BUT, they were kicked to the curb, so to speak, so Andrew — who has lived at the Palace for more than 20 years — might have a place outside of Buckingham Palace in which to reside.

Did you know that Buckingham Palace has official State Apartments that are for foreign dignitaries, royals, and celebrities who are visiting London?

Side Note: These State Apartments are also available to the public during certain times of the year.

BUT, there are also some private apartments, and it is here where Harry, Meghan, and the kids might reside while in London.

It’s not like Harry’s family and King Charles are going to be on top of each other in the palace.

Heck, they may not even see each other!

After all, there are 775 rooms in the palace. It’s like a dang city up in there.

Now, it is important to note that it is not confirmed that Harry and Meghan will be hunkering down at Buckingham Palace.

According to Yahoo, it is, for now, just speculation — mere rumor.

You know we will let you know as soon as we learn more!

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