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The Family From The Viral ‘Las Vegas Alien Video’ Has Seemingly Vanished

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This is a crazy turn of events…

Do you remember the family that went viral a few days ago for posting the ‘Las Vegas Alien Video‘?

Well, turns out, they have vanished and nobody knows where they are…

Now, of course, the internet is running wild with conspiracy theories as to what happened to the family…

People are saying everything from, the government took them away to cover up the story or they’ve gone into hiding because they felt guilty lying.


Whatever the case may be, it is a bizarre turn of events.

Like, why post a video claiming there is aliens in your backyard then just disappear?


According to news sources, the family even had scheduled interviews that they haven’t shown up for.

Again, weird, right?

Image: @Aliensociety51/YouTube

People have even staked out their house for hours or even days and say there is “no movement” not even in the back property of their house where they claim an alien spaceship landed just weeks prior.

It could be for clout/becoming famous. It could be real.

Las Vegas Police Body Cam Footage

The thing is, it would make sense for them to disappear if the government where in on this – like they’d try to cover it up, right?

But then it would also make sense if the family were lying and went into hiding because of the backlash they’d face.

But like, how long can they be gone for? They have a home and a business to tend to…

This entire thing is just so strange.

Watch the full video below and let me know what you think.

Did the family go into hiding or is the government behind all this?

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