The Best Graduation Gifts

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It is not every day that you (or someone you know) graduates. It’s a memorable time in one’s life where the entire day involves around that person and those that accomplished great things along them. Whether it is high school graduation or even college graduation, it should be celebrated. Gifts are welcomed but if you are unsure where to start, check out our guide of The Best Graduation Gifts around!

The Best Graduation Gifts

  • Cards – Okay so I am person that LOVES to celebrate anything and everything. I love all aspects of a celebration so for me, cards are a MUST. Take the time to create beautiful cards that announce the big date. Having a gathering after the graduation? Send out card invites and make it a special event. Minted has a ton of unique cards you can personalize. I am talking, gorgeous designs made by artists all over the country. Not anything you would find just anywhere!
  • Party – Like I mentioned before, I love throwing parties and a party is a great way to invite friends and family over to celebrate the amazing accomplishment of the graduate. Think food, music, and fun.
  • Laptop – I think this is a given but any graduate needs a way to apply for jobs right? With everything being digital or online these days, a computer is a must!
  • Gift Cards – Graduates are typically poor so having a gift card for food, gas, and even entertainment can lighten up any day!
  • Delivery Subscription – You can give the gift of everything right to the graduates door. Food, personal hygiene items, and even household goods. All will be super helpful.
  • Pillows – Graduating is exhausting. Okay, getting to that point is but sleep is necessary after so much celebration so the perfect pillows are a must! I am allow about fun, decorative pillows and I adore these ones! I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t love pillows as a gift!
  • Photography Session – Here’s the thing – the only way to really preserve a memory is through photos. So book and pay for a photography session. You’d do it for a marriage, why not a graduation too? Even better, book it for the night of the graduation party and have a photographer take photos of the guests.
  • Frame – After receiving that diploma or degree, a graduate could use a way to display their accomplishment – a frame. Even better, a shadow box with a frame would be perfect.
  • Money – Any graduate could use money. If they graduate high school they could use the money to help pay for school or maybe they just graduated college and need to pay off student loans. Money is always a safe bet.
  • Vacation – Okay, this is a little on the high side of gifts but a vacation can be an amazing gift to any new graduate. It’s the ultimate “Congrats on your accomplishment now go enjoy some sun and relax”. You can even have a bunch of friends and family pitch in to make it happen.

So what do you think? What would you add to the list of The Best Graduation Gifts? Comment below and let us know! And don’t forget, check out Minted for fun gift ideas and ways to celebration graduation or your next event.

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