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This Guy Had 19 Relationships With Women That Didn’t Know About Each Other and I Can’t Even Remember What Day It Is

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Meet Jason Collier – the man that is being talked about everywhere right now.

Stinnett Police Department

Sit down and buckle up my friends because this is about to be a wild ride!!

Seriously, my entire Facebook feed is filled with this dude’s pictures and memes so I just had to figure out who the heck he is and why everyone is talking about him.

Well, turns out, the reason people are talking is not a good one…

Apparently, Jason Collier is a Married Texas Police Chief & Minister Who Was Busted By His Two Girlfriends On Facebook After They Figure Out They’re Dating Same Man!

What the actual f—?

This is so dramatic and sleazy, you’d think it was in an episode in some reality television series.

Cecily Steinmetz

Okay, so let me see if I can somewhat get this story straight to you but buckle your seatbelts because this a wild ride…

Okay, so this dude’s name is Jason Collier and he is (or was because he’s on leave right now) the police chief of the Stinnett, Texas Police Department.

Okay so far not too crazy…

But then a local Texas woman, who believed she was the only woman dating him, was in shock after she discovered on Facebook that he had been seeing another woman at the same time!

Cecily Steinmetz

Meaning he has TWO girlfriends who recently just found out about each other.

Okay – so again not too crazy because crap like this happens, right?

Well, apparently he is also married – with CHILDREN!

So, that is 4 women that have come forward with saying they thought they were the only ones dating him.



But then it gets even crazier – women are coming forward with stories that they’ve dated him at some capacity and are exchanging stories.

So, at this point it’s up to something like 19 women and counting. OMG!

How can he possible keep track of all of that? I can barely remember what day it is half the time!

Like if he was with one girl one weekend, he had a story for another girl as to where he was all weekend.

This is just insane. Like who has the time for this? Those poor women!


This is a bit of the breakdown so far:

I am sure more will come out in the coming days so brace yourself!

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