You Can Get Harry Potter Inspired Wallpaper, Accio ALL OF IT TO ME

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My house will start to look like Hogwarts.

If you are a Harry Potter fan like I am, you need to know that You Can Get Harry Potter Inspired Wallpaper and Honestly, Accio ALL OF IT TO ME!


Designers on the site MinaLima created 5 Harry Potter Inspired Wallpaper designs that are sure to bring magic and enchantmant into your home.


These would pair so well with the Pottery Barn Harry Potter Collection just released, I mean your house would be a legit Hogwarts when you’re done.

The 5 designs include, the Daily Prophet Wallpaper:

The Black Family Tapestry Wallpaper:

The Hogwarts Library Book Covers Wallpaper:

Marauders Map Wallpaper:

And Quidditch Wallpaper:

Each wallpaper costs £89 which is $109.37 in USD. Which if you ask me, is a small price to pay for something so dang cool!


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