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Torrid Just Released A New Harry Potter Collection And It’s Magic

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Anybody I know over a size ten pretty much lives in Torrid. I have to be honest, I am head to toe in Torrid right now, and I am in LOVE with their new Harry Potter Collection.

Like, seriously, Accio the entire Torrid Harry Potter collection straight to me.

My favorite has to be these super cute house colors cardigans.

And I am completely in love in every way with this Mauraders Map shirt. I solemnly swear that I will wear it every day.

This invisibility cloak burnout sweatshirt is giving me all the vibes.

And can we just take a minute for this prefect dress?

The pajamas are tri-wizard ready.

And I am LOVING the sleep shorts.

But the BEST part of this collection is BY FAR this ALWAYS cloak. I can’t. This is too awesome.

You can shop the whole collection here.

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