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Chris Evans Slipped Into His Boston Accent And The Whole Internet Is Crazy Turned On

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6 seconds. It is a 6-second Twitter clip that has social media in a hormonal frenzy and clamoring for more.

Seriously, everyone is all hot and bothered, and it’s not because the heat outside feels like a furnace.

Chris Evans is pretty freaking sexy — hot — fire — gorgeous — luscious — choose a word. They all fit.

Good Gosh. He could just be standing there, doing absolutely nothing, and the view would be hella good.

BUT, there is a 6-second clip floating around the Twitterverse of Chris Evans simply talking about mustaches.

That doesn’t seem too hot. There’s not much particularly sexy about a plain ol’ mustache.

Um. In this case, it’s hella hot.


Chris Evans slips into his Boston accent for a total of 6 seconds, and it’s the best 6 seconds you’re going to hear all day long.

I’m not afraid to admit, I’ve watched it about 32 times.

Wanna see it?

Are you ready for this?

You can see the 6-second clip of Chris Evans in all his Boston accent glory HERE.

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