Gold Watermelons Exist and They Have Notes of Honey and Apricot

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It is summer and summer can’t happen without a delicious, ripe watermelon.

Well, what if I told you, you could get a Gold Watermelon instead of a pink/red one?!

Yes, Gold Watermelons Exist and They Have Notes of Honey and Apricot!!

Until today, I had no idea Gold Watermelons even existed.

Much like the pink pineapples, these are sort of on the hush, hush in the fruit community and are rare.

Gold Watermelons come in 2 different varieties: seedless and seeded.

The outside of a golden watermelon looks like a normal watermelon but the inside is a bright yellow/golden color.

How does a golden watermelon taste?

Golden watermelons have a higher sugar content and tend to be sweeter than the red ones, described with notes of honey and apricot. YUM!

Fresh red and yellow watermelon fruit isolated on white background

Where do you find golden watermelon?

Golden watermelon is often sold during the summer months at specialty and health food stores. You can also check your local Co-Op or ask your local grocer if this is something they can special order for you.

I cannot wait to get my hands on some!

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