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These Wine Chillers Attach to Your Glass to Keep Your Wine Cold and I Need Them

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A lukewarm glass of wine? No thanks.

In order to keep your wine chilled during the dog days of summer, thanks to Amazon, there’s a chance of having the best of both worlds; and that is drinking wine by the pool and having it chilled simultaneously.

Introducing the VoChill Personal Wine Chiller!

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A wine chiller that takes it personal when and if the inevitable heat from the sun warms that red wine or white wine that’s been sitting outdoors.

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A product that cools down your wine until the very last sip, simply remove the chill cradle, (which is the top portion of the stem), and toss in the freezer for at least three hours.

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You’ll know when the cradle can be taken out of the freezer when the thermal solution on the inside is frozen; reattach the cradle to the stand and you’re ready to sit outside without the fear of warm wine.

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Make sure to place your pre-poured glass of wine in between the side handles of the Vochill and take it out every time your body says “I’m thirsty.”

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Just keep in mind that this wine chiller is best suited for stemmed glasses of wine and will fit snug with most standard stemmed glasses you have most likely sitting in your kitchen cabinet.

You can find the Vochill wine chiller online in three separate colors on Amazon for a cool glass of wine every, single, time.

Courtesy of Amazon

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