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You Can Get LED Christmas Pathway Lights That Look Like Sugar Coated Gumdrops

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I’ve seen homes that were decorated in a way that made them look like a game of Candyland, and the nostalgia is strong!

It makes me want to revamp my entire Christmas holiday decor stash!

After finding these amazing lights I think I need to go ahead with the revamp and set up a candy cane lane this year and fill my yard with sweets-inspired decorations.


Imagine a walkway or path to your house that was lined with colorful gumdrops next to tall candy canes!

Each of the gumdrop lights is 8 inches tall with a flat bottom so they can sit flush on any flat surface.


The lights are electric, so no need to worry about batteries.

These pathway lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, they would look amazing near your Christmas tree inside your home, and outdoors they can light a welcoming path to your front door.


I need them

The kit includes a 30 foot long green electric string light cord that has end-to-end connectors.

There is 36 inches of spacing between each bulb socket and 10 multicolored 8 inches LED bulbs.


They come in purple, blue, green, yellow, and red!

The kit also includes ground stakes to hold lights in place on your lawn.

Kat from Spring, TX – Customer review

Loved these pathway lights so much that I’m ordering another set! They were the perfect addition to my Christmas Wonderland yard. I received so many compliments on these lights that is was crazy! I had people say that it made my outdoor Christmas decor look magical. Well made, waterproof & stayed in place on two very windy, rainy days when many other decorations fell over. These were perfection.

Kat from Spring, TX – Customer review

You can get your own sugar-coated gumdrop lights from Wayfair!


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