How To Give The Perfect Gift And Win The Holiday Season

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Gift giving is something I totally — I mean COMPLETELY — stress out over every single year.

I might be a slight perfectionist, but I try so hard to give the most perfect, most loved gift of the season to every single person on my shopping list. In theory, I know I can’t get it right every single time, but darn it, I’m gonna try!

I have been perfecting my gift giving techniques over the years, and I have come up with some pretty tried and true tips that will make sure that you are giving a gift that will be loved and treasured — and not one they will do the dreaded regift with.

Even if it’s not their FAVORITE gift of the year, it will be something they love and remember. And, in actuality, that’s what makes a super good gift!

Ideas To Give The Perfect Gift

1) First and Foremost, pay attention. Throughout the year, they are bound to drop hints about what they really love. I even keep a little journal of all my friends, and what they have said they like. Is that a bit much? Maybe, but it works!

I know that I have one friend who loves hedgehogs, one who loves soft comfy blankets, and one who loves to journal in her Bible.

With these little tips, I’m a step ahead in the gift-giving game. I know that I can’t go wrong by choosing items that relate to their likes.

2) Ask them for ideas if need be. I mean, you don’t have to come out and say, “What do you want me to give you?” But, you could throw out little hints and see what sticks.

You can also go the way of asking a spouse or SO what they really like. If it’s a kid, ask the parents what they are into.

3) Focus on the value of the gift, and not what you paid for it. This is really a tip that is going to save you money.

Just because you got it on sale DOESN’T devalue the gift. They don’t have to be any-the-wiser about the fact that you saved money on their perfect gift. They are going to love it either way!!

4) Ask if they have wish lists at any stores. Like, my family uses Amazon Wish Lists to pick out a few things that are really wanted. I don’t always stick exactly to the list, but it may give you some great ideas as to which direction to start in.

5) A fun gift that keeps on giving throughout the year is a subscription gift. For this, you really need to follow rule #1 above. You want to make sure to get the right subscription to the right person.

For example, I have a few high school seniors on my list this year. They are going to get Pura Vida subscriptions, Scentbird subscriptions, or Ipsy subscriptions.

For those men on your list, you can’t go wrong with a Dollar Shave Club subscription, or a Man Crates subscription.

I even have one friend who loves to cook, and is going to get a Spice of the Month subscription.

You might end up getting them a subscription for something that they don’t know exists, and they will be so excited.

6) One of my FAVORITE things to do is buy really pretty, inexpensive jewelry. Then, I go to Amazon and purchase Empty Jewelry Boxes in bulk for cheap. The inexpensive jewelry goes right in the jewelry boxes, and it looks like you spent real money!

I go this route a lot for teacher gifts, neighbor gifts, Secret Santa gifts, and even boss gifts. They love it 100% of the time.


7) It is also fun to give a thoughtful personalized gift. Again, refer to rule #1!

Some things I’ve done in the past are a Photo Blanket, a Stretched Canvas (you can pull one of their favorite photos right off of Facebook!!), a box full of kitchen utensils and gadgets for the wanna-be chef, and a movie night in a box (DVD, microwave popcorn, popcorn bucket, movie theater candy) for that person who has everything.


8) Give gift cards — with a caveat. Don’t just go to the Walmarts and buy a bunch of random gift cards. That is so cheap and cliche.

Give them gift cards for something they wouldn’t otherwise get themselves. Like maybe a massage or a manicure for mom, or a trip to Build-A-Bear for that child on your list, or a gift card to a driving range for your uncle.

9) I’m gonna say it — re-gift something you have. I don’t mean to give them a used blanket or towels that you no longer want.

The key to re-gifting is giving something NICE, UNOPENED, and NEW!

For instance, I have about eleventy hundred unburned, brand new candles that I have amassed throughout the year. You better bet that someone is gonna be getting some of those candles.

Re-gifting would be another great idea for teacher gifts, neighbor gifts, etc.

Just MAKE SURE you aren’t re-gifting something to the person that originally gave you that gift!!!

Things NOT to do in the gift giving game.

You want to AVOID scams. Now, I’m not saying EVERYTHING you see on Facebook is a scam — I’ve gotten some really good things through FB ads — but be careful!

Sometimes, if it’s too good to be true, it most likely is.

I’ve gotten scammed before by thinking I was getting a soft, plush jacket, but what they sent was a cheap polyester mess that fell apart within 2 weeks. Make sure you are getting something legit.

You don’t want to wait until the very last minute. The odds of finding anything nice and meaningful on Christmas Eve are pretty slim to non-existent. Plan ahead just a bit.

Please avoid cliches. Like mentioned above, just going out and buying a handful of random gift cards is NOT special.

That shrink-wrapped, pre-made $10 gift from Walmart is probably not the best choice, either. I’m not saying it won’t be nice. I’m just saying it won’t be meaningful and special.

Now, go out there and have the BEST holiday ever!! Happy gifting!!

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