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You Can Get A ‘Friends’ Advent Calendar That Gives You 40 Keepsakes From The Show

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They now have an advent calendar for just about EVERYTHING!!

We have seen Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendars, Horror Movie Advent Calendars, Cat Treat Advent Calendars, LEGO Advent Calendars, and even Buddy the Elf Sock Advent Calendars.

Courtesy of Walmart

NOW, you can preorder a FRIENDS Advent Calendar that contains trinkets straight out of the show we know and love!

I think FRIENDS will forever be one of those iconic shows that EVERYONE knows. There is no mistaking what we mean when we simply say the word FRIENDS.


There are about eleventy five hundred people who LOVE the show, and you can still totally catch reruns on multiple channels on the TV dial. (Technically, I guess there aren’t TV dials anymore. LOL!!)

If you want to be SURE and catch the show, check it out on the HBO Max streaming network.

And, if you are one of these people that LOVES the show FRIENDS, you have GOT to check out this FRIENDS Advent Calendar!

The Official Advent Calendar is the all-new holiday gift that’s perfect for the Friends superfan. Packed with 25 days of surprises and over 40 keepsakes, ornaments, and booklets, Friends: The Official Advent Calendar will be the most sought-after Friends gift this holiday season. There’s something for everyone in this set full of fun, nostalgia, and even a Holiday Armadillo surprise.


This Advent Calendar is on preorder right now on the Amazon website. It is $18.22, and will come out on October 27th — just in time for the holidays!!

And, you know Amazon has that Pre-Order Price Guarantee. If the price of the Advent Calendar goes down before the calendar is released, you will be charged the lesser price. If the price goes up, you will never pay more than the preorder price! Yay!

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