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You Can Get A Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Pop Advent Calendar and It’s Simply Meant To Be Mine

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Christmas comes early in Halloween Town!

There is going to be a Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Pop advent calendar, and it’s totally meant to be mine — and probably your’s, too!

Courtesy of Walmart

This is absolutely the COOLEST calendar of the advent variety, that I have ever seen! I’m not even being dramatic, here.

Courtesy of Walmart

It’s true, I love all things Nightmare Before Christmas, so this is a no-brainer. But, add in the Funko Pop characters, and that just seals the deal. I will own this advent calendar!


You can totally decide if you want to use this for a Halloween countdown or a Christmas Calendar. Either one will work.

Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Oh, there’s an empty place in my bones, that calls out for something unknown — and it is totally unknown WHICH Funko Nightmare Before Christmas character you will get each day leading up to the holiday. It’s GENIUS!!

Courtesy of Walmart

Count down the holiday’s with this Nightmare Before Christmas Advent calendar, from Funko! Each figure inside is a different pocket Pop! version of all your Nightmare Before Christmas characters! Collect all Nightmare Before Christmas product from Funko!

Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Y’all, this advent calendar is going to go FAST. Might I suggest you get on over to the Amazon website and preorder your own calendar. I’ve already ordered mine!

Courtesy of Walmart

These will be release on September 30th, and I’m about to start an advent calendar for the arrival of my advent calendar. I. Can’t. Wait!

I’m going to have to get one to countdown to Halloween, and one to countdown to Christmas — because you can be dang sure I’m keeping a set of these Funko Pop characters for my own collection. I don’t want to have to fight my kids for them. Ha!!

Courtesy of Walmart

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