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Shakira and JLo Still Got it They SHOOK IT in the half time show

I am IMPRESSED. Shakira and J.Lo Still Got it! They SHOOK IT in the half time show. They may be over 40 but they still got MOVES.

Shakira started out the Super Bowl half-time show and immediatly shook the crowd.

She has got talent. Sass and MOVES.

But I’ll be honest, I was BLOWN AWAY as soon as J.Lo hit the stage.

She really took the show from 10 to a 20. She has still got it and she is 50 years old! WOW!

Now, if this doesn’t show you that age means NOTHING I don’t know what will.

J.Lo performed some of her iconic songs and Pit Bull made a surprise appearance (which by the way, he looks SO DIFFERENT).

And then Shakira and J.Lo both hit the dance floor together and OMG a total 30 in my book.

These ladies are amazing.

As soon was the video is posted you’ll be able to eewatch their Super Bowl Half Time Show Performance below. Get ready because they KILLED it.

Did you enjoy it?!

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