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You Can Now Watch The Trailer for Netflix’s Newest Action-Packed Series

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Imagine finding out that your history teacher has a secret identity.

Netflix is welcoming yet another action-packed series for those who you are tired of the romantic comedies!

Starring Evin Ahmad who plays the role of Erin Carter, the new movie Who Is Erin Carter?, centers around one British history teacher who has most recently moved to Barcelona, Spain.

The only problem is that this new teacher, isn’t who she says she is.

Courtesy of @Netflix

After recently making the big move to Spain, Erin’s secret identity starts to unravel when she finds herself stuck in a supermarket robbery.

Throughout the trailer, we see Erin fight off the bad guys like a professional which makes the people in her life (and the authorities…uh oh), question her background.

Courtesy of @Netflix

Did I mention that one of the robbers in the supermarket just so happened to recognize her too, talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The only question is, how long will this teacher/mom/wife be able to keep whatever she’s hiding a secret, and at what length?

Courtesy of @Netflix

My guess, is Mrs. Erin Carter is a retired undercover spy.

Courtesy of @Netflix

The new series Who Is Erin Carter? premiers only on Netflix at the end of this month beginning on August 24.

You can also watch the new trailer, here to see the action for yourself!

Courtesy of @Netflix

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