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Royal Caribbean’s Gigantic New Cruise Ship Is 5 Times Bigger Than The Titanic And People Are Freaking Out

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This ship is LEGIT like a floating city, and you have to check this thing out …

Royal Caribbean is still months away from debuting this ginormous floating city — the Icon of the Seas — but images are being released, and they are insane!

It is being called the world’s largest cruise ship, but it already has haters.

The Icon of the Seas will be able to hold 5610 passengers and 2350 crew members. That’s more people than you can find in my town.

Royal Caribbean

It’s 5 times larger and heavier than the Titanic, has 19 floors, more than 40 bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, a miniature Central Park, the largest swimming pool and water park at sea, and eight “neighborhoods.”

This Royal Caribbean ship is headed on its maiden voyage on January 27, 2024, and it’s almost completely sold out.

You can still find a couple rooms, but they will cost you nearly $5,000 per person.

Now personally, just seeing the pictures gives me copious amounts of anxiety. But, if being in the middle of the open ocean, in closed in quarters, with 8,000 people is your jam, go for it!

Some people are calling the Icon of the Seas a monstrosity, and they are kind of correct.

It’s also being dubbed “hell on earth,” “the Candy Crush version,” and — my favorite — “human lasagna.”

The good news is that Royal Caribbean has spent some time running preliminary tests to make sure the Icon of the Seas is all ready to go.

But, that’s going to be a big NOPE for me.

What about you? Are you willing to spend some time on this floating city?

Royal Caribbean

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