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‘Yellowstone’ Gets A New Home, And People Are Going Nuts

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Yellowstone is headed to a new channel, and that means it’s about to get a whole new set of fans.

Until now, the hit show has only been available to watch and stream on the cable station Paramount Network and Peacock.

I can attest, I’ve signed up for both Paramount Network and Peacock just to watch the show.

I mean, it was totally worth it, but I’m glad Yellowstone is headed to a place where even more people get to enjoy the Dutton story.

Yellowstone is making its broadcast debut on CBS this fall!

Now, the show is still coming to an end after the second half of the 5th season, but you can easily rewatch the show that has become an obsession for so many.

CBS has already had to rework their fall broadcast schedule because of that dang writers strike. That is going to mean that some shows you love to watch are going to be delayed.

But, this shouldn’t affect the show’s grand entrance onto the CBS channel — after all, it’s already been written, right?!?

The plan is for two episodes of Yellowstone to be aired every Sunday on CBS at 8 EST and 9 EST.

The only times we won’t get two episodes of Yellowstone are on the Sundays when there happens to be an NFL doubleheader.

Don’t mess with people’s sports ball. They will riot. LOL!!

In those cases, we will only get one episode of Yellowstone, which will air at 9 EST.

Still worth it!!

As for the rest of season five, the premiere date for Yellowstone has been announced as November of 2023, though this is subject to change.

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