This Man Planted The Mysterious Seeds He Received In The Mail And A Mysterious White Fruit Started To Grow

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Remember last month when everyone was getting those mysterious seeds from China?

The packages stated they were some kind of jewelry — most often stating the contents were stud earrings — but when the recipient opened the package, they found a bunch of seeds.

Government officials told people not to open the packages, and warned that they just might be an invasive species.

One man received the seeds, and planted them, before he heard the warnings not to.

5 News/Whitehouse Police Department

What happened? Well, something grew. A plant that produced a ton of unknown white fruit and big orange flowers.

Every two weeks I’d come by and put Miracle-Gro on it, and they just started growing like crazy.

Doyle Crenshawn Via Unilad

Some are saying the “fruit” from these seeds appears to be squash like, but it isn’t yet known exactly what fruit is growing.

Our concern is from an invasive-pest aspect; these seeds could introduce an invasive weed or an invasive insect pest or a plant disease.

Scott Bray, the Arkansas Department of Agriculture

Authorities are going to remove the plants from Crenshawn’s yard, and do further testing to find out what all these mysterious seeds are. So far, it is not known if any adverse effects have happened to Crenshawn’s yard from planting these seeds.

Officials are saying these seeds MAY be part of a Brushing Scam. Great. ANOTHER scam we have to worry about.

What is a Brushing Scam?

(It is) an exploit by a vendor used to bolster product ratings and increase visibility online by shipping an inexpensive product to an unwitting receiver and then submitting positive reviews on the receiver’s behalf under the guise of a verified owner.

White House Facebook Page

Brushing Scams are not inherently dangerous, but you should still report the seeds to authorities. They can dispose of the seeds properly, and test them, to stop anything negative from happening as a result of planting the seeds.

If you are one of the many who has received these seed packages, it is asked that you do NOT open them.

Contact the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Anti-Smuggling hotline at 1-800-877-3835. They will tell you how to handle the seeds, and what to do with them.

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