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You Can Get A Dragon Skeleton That’ll Look Creepy Cool In Your Yard For Halloween

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I’ve noticed that I’ve been drawn to the more medieval macabre type decorations this year! Dragons have been catching my eye everywhere and this Dragon Skeleton is no exception!


He looks magical, terrifying, and powerful even just as bones! He pairs well with the Unicorn Skeleton too!


The mythical Dragon comes to life as a scary addition to your hauntings this Halloween. Whether you set him up outside, or in the house, he is sure to make an impact!


He has fangs the size of your fingers! This dragon is made from plastic and measure 49 inches x 36 inches big! Add a fog machine and some lights and he is going to steal the show!


The only thing that can out do this Dragon, is the fog breathing Dragon! If you haven’t checked that one out, you need to! It is the coolest Halloween decoration ever, in fact I would leave it out all year round!

Home Depot

The Dragon skeleton would look pretty awesome with the mausoleum and crypt too! I think he would look great with the gargoyles!


You can get your own Dragon Skeleton on Amazon for only $68.99! I like this guys idea! Get a pair and let them act as guard Dragons while you chill in the yard!

David Clark – Amazon Reviewer

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