People All Over The USA Are Receiving Seeds In The Mail That They Did Not Order. Here’s What To Do If You Get Some

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Something very strange is happening across the United States, well besides all of the other strange stuff…this is new. People are receiving packages of seeds in the mail from China, that they never ordered. Weird right?

Photo Courtesy of Washington State Department of Agriculture

The Washington State Department of Agriculture made a post on Facebook. The seeds are coming in packages that are marked as if they are packages of jewelry.

Unsolicited seeds could be invasive, introduce diseases to local plants, or be harmful to livestock

Washington State Department of Agriculture

Reading through the comments on that Facebook post you can see where the same thing has happened to others. Not all of the seeds are the same type, but they are all from China and were not ordered by the receiver.

So, if you get a package in the mail that contains seeds (especially from another country, here is what you do:

  1. Do not plant them! Just like the Washington State Department of Agriculture said in their post, these seeds could be invasive and cause harm or disease. Don’t open the sealed package.
  2. They say that this is called agricultural smuggling and it needs to be reported the USDA. Keep the packaging and seeds in case they need it as evidence. Click here to report agricultural smuggling.

Have you received any seeds like this in the mail? Has anyone you known posted about it? It’s kind of creepy right?

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  1. I received 2 packages I did not order. One says it’s a mosquito net, and the other a wash tub, both came within 2 weeks of each other. I live in Northern BC Canada.

  2. I received a letter a couple days ago from a name I did not recognize. So when I opened it the letter was kinda weird block typed in different sizes and Colors. As I was reading the letter I realized this is a chain letter! The letter refers to EARL’S 81 TEAM MEMBERS. It says you generate $50.00 CASH GIFTS IN 6 to 8 WEEKS WITH EARL’S TEAM SEED MONEY SYSTEM. It’s always been my understanding that chain letters are illegal. This goes on with peoples names address and phone numbers. It even goes as far as to say REMBER THAT GIFTS ARE TAX FREE & NOT PAYMENT THAT WE EARNED OR OWED IRS TAX CODE, TITLE 26, SECTION 2501 What gets me is they are talking about seed money. Seed money for what? Are they talking about seeds? Too weird! Don’t know if I should notify someone and if I should who would I notify?

  3. Wow this is crazy. I received a pair of white ankle socks. I don’t wear ankle sock let alone white. I threw them into the garbage.

  4. I didn’t receive seeds but I received package from China that I did not order and it has card holder or some kind of box with clip at the end. That’s just weird and random.. not sure what to do with it.

  5. u ar using tik tok it is chinese spying program most who recieve those prob use tik tok or one there fam close the name tik tok u think of a time bomb think bout that

  6. I thought it was strange the other day when I received a mask I didn’t order in the mail from China. I just threw it in the garbage bin.

  7. I have received several different seeds from Wish.

  8. Please forgive the typos. There are stupid ads that keep popping up so that I can’t see what I typed.

  9. I received those seeds and its because I ordered them from Wish. Two of them are for a missed petunia planting. Its various c colors that when planted, work together. The other package from Wish was for a flower that gives ground cover on bald spouts on your lawn.

    If you moved to you house in the last few years, They could have been sent to the previous person. Mine took almost 6 months to get here.

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