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This Tiny Lamp Attaches To Your Phone To Diffuse The Flashlight and It Is Adorable

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What a fantastically smart idea this is! It is a little lamp that stretches to fit on your phone over the flashlight!

I often use my phone to make my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I always hate how bright and stark the light is. The goal is to use the bathroom and get back to bed without waking myself completely.

With this little gadget attached to your phone, you can soften the light. It is made of soft and durable silicone. It will slip right over the smartphone flashlight and make it more of a warm glow than blinding light.

After having been caught in a hotel room during a power outage, I vowed never to travel without a spare light ever. I had been carrying a small flashlight with me but love that I can set this up on my phone and then place on a flat surface. It casts enough light that I can maneuver around without bumping into things and allows me to be hands free.

Wisconsin Mommy

Check out the TikTok video below that was made by Jared Anderson to see it in action! It is super affordable too! You can buy your own TraveLamp on Amazon for only $10.52.


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