Aldi Has Mini Cacti For $2.50 And I Need Them All

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Hold the phone. I have an IMPORTANT announcement. Aldi has little cacti, and I need them in my life.

OMG, y’all!! I am OBSESSED with everything succulent. My husband has put a ban on me getting anymore. (Don’t worry, that won’t stick!!)

I mean, just this week, I have gotten succulents from Trader Joe’s and even more succulents from Aldi, but I neeeeed more!!


Check out what I just found at my local Aldi. I freaking LOVE that store!!

They are little, tiny cacti — or cactuses, if you want. Ha!


If you didn’t spot the price on these little guys, they are only $2.49. GAH!!!


I mean, COME ON!!! You can’t NOT get one — or three — for that price.


Am I the only one who totally just wants to touch them, because they look so fuzzy. I may or may not have done this before. Side Note: don’t touch the cactus.


When I was at Aldi yesterday (with my husband), they still had a tray full, but they were going fast.


Don’t you worry your little head, I’m going back today to stock up. *Evil Smile*


Get yourself to Aldi QUICKLY. You are NOT going to want to miss this super deal! Wouldn’t these look so cute in a planter with a few other succulents? *Squee!!


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