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‘Cursed’ Is The New Netflix Show Everyone Is Talking About and I Can’t Wait To Binge Watch It

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OMG. Have y’all seen Cursed? It’s new on Netflix, and it is so surprisingly good!!

Courtesy of Netflix

You will start watching the show on a whim, and find yourself four-shows deep before you even realize what has happened. Ha!


Cursed is a new take on the King Arthur story. Nimue (Katherine Langford, of 13 Reasons Why) is a young woman — otherwise known as The Lady of the Lake — who has strange powers that have made her an outcast from her people.


In true Arthurian legend, she finds a sword that will mean big things for her future. No — she isn’t Arthur, but she plays a major role in the story.

Courtesy of Netflix

Nimue dips her foot into being the hero you want her to be with a Wonder Woman pump-you-up moment at the end of the first episode.


This R-rated coming-of-age drama is said to be a Game of Thrones for a younger generation.


This show is only 10-episodes long — but they are a JAM PACKED 10 episodes. Don’t blink, or you are sure to miss something.


There is, of course, the Legend of King Arthur — but reimagined — and there is also love, war, sword battle, and a land-spanning quest. There is seriously something for everyone!

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That being said, it IS rated R, so you might want to watch it after the kiddies have gone off to bed. There are some pretty gruesome war scenes.


I’m totally not going to give away the ending of season 1, but it turns the show completely on its head.

Courtesy of Netflix

I think it really all came together at the end. The way they’ve done it, I was like, ‘this is amazing.’ Because now you’ve met the people, and it’s like we’re leaning into their legacies, or the mythology of those characters

Digital Spy

Now, there is no news on a Cursed season 2, but there is MUCH speculation that it is going to happen, with news from Netflix expected sometime in August.

Either way, it is worth watching and people seem to really like it!

I can’t WAIT for season 2!! Bring it on!


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