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Your Kids Are Obsessed With A New Song, ‘Driver’s License’ and Here’s Why

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If you have kids old enough to be on social media, chances are, you know they’ve been OBSESSED with a new song that is taking the internet by storm.

Or perhaps you’ve just seen everyone talking about this new song ‘Driver’s License’.


Either way, here’s why EVERYONE is obsessed with the new song…

The song Driver’s License is sung by Olivia Rodrigo, 17, who you may know from Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.


In the movie, Joshua Bassett, 20 and her have a love interest but turns out, there was also a relationship off screen between the two.


However, according to reports, people believe the two had split and now Joshua Bassett has been “spotted” with Sabrina Carpenter, 21, who first rose to fame on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World.

So, why does this matter?


Well, because there is a Disney love triangle going on AND it very well may be the reason behind the viral song everyone is obsessed with.

I mean, do you remember when Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan were feuding over Aaron Carter? Yeah, it’s like that but for Gen-Z.


The song Driver’s License is quite catchy and has been used thousands of times in videos all over TikTok.

Everyone over there also seems to be doing detective work to figure out who the song is about and what the heck happened…


to all the big tiktokers who didn’t give me credit. love you MUAH😚🤍 #driverslicense #oliviarodrigo #fyp

♬ drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo

It is so popular it has broken records such as the most listened song on Spotify!

Oh and get this, it’s even right next to Taylor Swift on the US iTunes charts!


Basically this song is on FIRE and even if you aren’t a teenage girl, I am sure you’ll love it because it’s good!!

You can watch the music video and listen to the song below.

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