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The Mullet Is Making A Comeback and I Am Genuinely Confused

They say all fashion fads come back around to be popular again. HELLO, VSCO girls!


This is ONE fad I was hoping would die with the 1990s. Although, Stranger Things did make it look good that ONE TIME on Billy.

The MULLET is back, and I have one question — WHY?

I remember being in eight grade, and asking my mom if I could have this AMAZING hairstyle.

See, there was this girl, Shawn, in my third period class, and she was the COOLEST. She wore black high-top Reeboks, a jean jacket, tight-rolled jeans, white scrunchie socks, and a mullet. And, I wanted to BE her.

My mom took me to the nearest Supercuts, and my mullet happened. My hair was about two-inches long in the front, and down to my shoulders in the back. It. Was. Awful.

I thought, at the time, I was the COOLEST things around. I have since BURNED every picture of me from that time. If there’s no record, it didn’t happen. Ha!

Now, the mullet is back — in all it’s ‘Business In The Front’ glory. Thank the Good Lord, THIS mullet fad is much more stylish than MY disastrous mullet!

There is actually a sense of STYLE to these chopped coifs, which mine was sorely lacking.

Some of these modern mullet hairstyles are actually quite pretty.

Some of them are very reminiscent of my junior high experience. Yet, somehow, some people really make it work.

I say, if you want a mullet, go for it. It’s just hair. It will grow back, right?

Just don’t do this, mmmkay?