This Video Of Penn Badgley Giving An ASMR Interview Resurfaced And I’m Dying

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Way back in 2019, Penn Badgley — the HOT creeper from ‘YOU‘ — gave an interview to W Magazine. It wasn’t just ANY interview. He did the ENTIRE thing in ASMR, and it’s actually pretty amazing.

He does the ENTIRE fifteen minute interview in a whisper. Ha!

He reveals tidbits about himself and the characters he plays. We get a glimpse into John Tucker Must Die, Gossip Girl, his music project, Mothxr, and, of course, YOU.

He also spends a little time making ASMR sounds with items related to his characters or shows.

He plays with test tubes for his character in John Tucker Must Die.


When he talks about his Gossip Girl character, Dan Humphrey, he uses cell phones and Blackberry devices, like the kids — young adults? — on the show.


He opens and plays with a CD, making crunching and tapping noises, when he talks about Mothxr.


When he gets to my FAVORITE part — talking about Joe, from YOU — he plays with metal keys — and drops a few in the process.


You have GOT to watch this video! It totally made me love Penn Badgley even more!

Watch the entire interview, below.

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