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Season 3 Of ‘YOU’ Is Confirmed and I Am So Excited

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I am OBSESSED with YOU, the Netflix show starring Penn Badgley as a stalker, and — spoiler alert — serial killer.

It took me four days, but I finished binge watching Seasons 1 and 2.

Is it crazy that I totally LOVE Joe. Yes, he’s weird, quiet, and — you know — kills people, but he’s a romantic in his own way.


Good news, though! Penn Badgley announced, in an ET interview, that there will indeed be a third season. YES! I knew Joe’s — er, Will’s — story couldn’t end like they left it in Season 2.

I’m about to drop some spoilers on you — YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


So, straight after Joe offs his girlfriend Beck, he moves to L.A., where he changes his identity, and meets Love Quinn.

He is supposedly going to change his ways, but the stalker in him is just too great.

Things happen. Bloody things.

And, it turns out — Will — or is it Joe? — might have met his match in Candace — I mean Love. Poor Joe, he just has too many soul mates.

I don’t want to ruin the end for you — but it is great! She might be — nope — and he ends up — nope. You are going to have to watch it!


See the entire interview with Penn Badgley, below.

Then go read the theory on why YOU is the sequel to Gossip Girl. *Gasp*

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  1. Whennnnnn????? I need to put in my weeks vacay NOOWWWW just to watch it ???