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Dude, I TOTALLY want a 2DS

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2013-10-27 12.16.37Last week, I got to play Zelda on the 2DS, and it isn’t even out yet!

No seriously… that totally happened. I went to a Nintendo media event, and they let me play Nintendo games that aren’t even out in the stores yet.

First of all. We played on the 2DS, which is a lot like the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS, except that it’s shaped more like an old school gameboy in that it doesn’t flip open. 

Which is pretty much the best idea Nintendo has had since the original Gameboy if you ask me. It’s easier to hold, you don’t have to deal with the hinges breaking on it, and they got rid of the 3D. Oh, plus… it’s $129.99! That’s an insanely awesome price! For that price, I don’t have to treat it like solid gold! I can just hand it to my kid and forget it!


Now, let me tell you about the new Zelda game! OMG IT IS SO GOOD. Zelda is a personal favorite of mine. When I was in college, I went into a Gamestop to pre-order the latest Zelda, and ended up working there are the store manager for the next year. (I later quit because I was so into Phantasy Star Online that I just wanted to play that game all the time and never go to work, I don’t suggest this level of addiction to anyone.)


So, getting to play the Zelda game before the rest of the whole world wasn’t just cool, it was kind of an honor. Oh, and let me just say that game is beautiful. It’s  got great play style, it’s quick and challenging, but not overly so. And, I am totally buying it on November 22!

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