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McDonald’s Has Disney 50th Anniversary Toys In Their Happy Meals And I Need Them All Right Now

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As a kid, Happy Meals were sooooo coveted. And my parents rarely took me to get one, so here I am at 32 constantly checking out the newest toys.

Today, the new toys have dropped and so did my jaw. They are releasing 50th anniversary Disney toys. FIFTY DIFFERENT ONES!

Happy Meal

Excuse me while my inner child salivates. There are literally 50 to collect. I have two toddlers, but that’s a LOT of Happy Meals to consume. (and not the healthiest thing to feed them)

Happy Meal

Each of the characters come with a holographic background! I’m looking through the list, and I can’t decide which ones I want the most. I need them all!

Happy Meal

I seriously can’t believe there’s 50 toys. How are we supposed to actually get all of these?!?!

Even the Happy Meal boxes are magical! I can’t get over this release! Which toys are you hoping to get the most?

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