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Here’s The Order In Which The Delta Variant Symptoms Are Happening

Just when we thought we had a handle on the symptoms for the coronavirus, this Delta variant came along and through us for a loop.

We may not have had the actual virus under control, but we sure knew what to look for, didn’t we?

Now that the Delta variant of COVID has been around for a hot minute, they have come up with a list of symptoms to watch for.

But, not only is this a LIST of symptoms, they have pinpointed the order in which the symptoms usually occur.

This does NOT mean that the symptoms occur like this 100% of the time. There are going to be exceptions to the rule. BUT, if you are at least aware of these symptoms, and the order in which they USUALLY occur, you can be more cognizant of your own symptoms, should you have any.

The FIRST thing that most patients complain of is just plain feeling like crap, for lack of a better word.

If you talk to people, they vary with their symptom order. That being said, most people feel like they have been hit with a Mack truck first and foremost, then they notice the loss of taste and smell

 Dr. Robert G. Lahita MD, PhD, Director of the Institute for Autoimmune and Rheumatic Disease at Saint Joseph Health

After the loss of taste comes the headache that just won’t go away. (I HATE headaches like that!!)

Then you start in with the fever. In some people, this is a low-grade fever, in some it is higher. But, regardless of how bad it is, it’s a fever.

Next up comes the cough. Now, this isn’t a wet, productive cough. This is a dry cough — kinda like when you get a tickle in your throat that just won’t go away, and you cough and cough.

They are saying that this dry cough can be accompanied by a super stuffy nose and sneezing, but it doesn’t have to be.

So far (with the exception of the loss of taste and smell) this is sounding like allergies or a cold, isn’t it?!?

Well, you’re not wrong. The symptoms are very similar. The difference is going to come in the severity of the symptoms. This is like a cold on crack.

COVID-19 will cause symptoms that are out of control. Imagine the most horrendous cold you’ve ever had.

 Dr. Robert G. Lahita MD, PhD, Director of the Institute for Autoimmune and Rheumatic Disease at Saint Joseph Health

Does everyone get every one of these symptoms? No. This is a general rule and a good guideline, but the virus doesn’t stick to this formula 100% of the time.

There are, of course, more symptoms that have been reported, that you may or may not get with COVID.

* Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
* Fatigue
* Red Eyes
* Skin Rash
* Diarrhea


Basically, if you have hellacious symptoms that may or may not be on one of these lists, go get tested.

Why get tested? It is so you don’t spread the virus to other people. If you catch it and can quarantine, the chance of you passing on the virus goes down.

We all have to help each other here.

(Side Note: that is also why you should wear a mask — to protect others from YOU.)

I just lost a family member to this AWFUL virus, so my first instinct here is to tell you to go get vaccinated.

Is the vaccine going to stop you from getting the virus? No. But, it will stop the SEVERITY of the symptoms, and you just might avoid hospital time.

Please stay safe. If you start to get any of these symptoms, go get tested. Stay away from other people. Wear a mask.