Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Cereal Just Released a Shocking Orange Colored Cereal for Halloween

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Whether or not you prefer to bake with Rice Krispies or eat the bits with milk, the infamous brand just released a new Halloween cereal that’s suitable for both baking and eating in just a bowl.

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Introducing the new Shocking Orange Colored Rice Krispies from Kellogg’s!

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With every cereal grain colored in bright orange to match your fall decor, your baking treats are no longer only colored white, but the appropriate color to match the most haunted holiday of the year.

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Your new favorite ingredient for making fall treats, frightening desserts or simply slurping in a bowl, Rice Krispies has just scored their most chilling cereal yet.

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Decorated with the Snack, Crackle, and Pop kids wearing Halloween costumes right on the front of the box, you’ll notice the sweet treats served on a plate that we now must make considering the new color.

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Featuring the same great taste with only the swap of colors, who knew a box of cereal could get us so excited for the Halloween season!

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You can find the Shocking Orange colored Rice Krispies stocked at retailers nationwide for $4.49 and $5.49 depending on which size box you choose.

Courtesy of the Kellogg Company

Although if we’re being honest here, the larger size cereal is always the best option.

Courtesy of @marki_devo

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